Top Low-Maintenance Dogs

From small dogs that require minimal exercise to larger breeds that are easy-going and hypoallergenic, these breeds are as easy to care for as they come.  

Basset hounds were bred to hunt small game, and they're still used for hunting today. All the same, they make wonderful, low-maintenance pets given the right care. 

Shih Tzu means little lion, but the name only applies to this petite pup's appearance. Their rounded faces and full ears look a little like a lion's mane 

If you're looking for a cuddly companion animal, it's hard to beat this sporty little spaniel. They were bred specifically for companionship,  

They're one of the larger toy breeds, and they're more athletic than most. If you're short on space but aspire to take your dog with you on hikes and runs on the beach, this breed is well worth considering. 

As long as their people are around, they're happy. They're best suited to being companion pets, but some owners have started training them to compete in agility events.  

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