Top Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Manipulative behavior

Toxic partners try to control and dominate their partners. Manipulation includes gaslighting, guilt-tripping, and dominating.

 The Emperor and The Magician in tarot astrology show control concerns in relationships.

Undefined Boundaries

Toxic relationships lack healthy boundaries and personal space. Partners may cross boundaries and lose independence. 

The Nine of Swords and The Moon can symbolize this lack of limits and self-care.

Emotional Abuse

Toxic relationships can cause emotional or physical abuse. Physical abuse involves assault, whereas emotional abuse includes threats, insults, and manipulation.

The Devil and The Ten of Swords represent these destructive interactions.

Constant Drama and Volatility

Drama, volatility, and fierce disagreements define toxic partnerships. Emotional swings between partners can cause chaos and illness.

The Tower or Five of Wands might symbolize such partnerships' turmoil.

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