Vet-Approved Cat Flea Treatments

According to Dr. Heather Brausa, a staff doctor at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, the Seresto collar is an exceptionally efficient 

 choice since it drives fleas away rather than killing them upon contact, as do topical treatments.

The collar is another alternative that will last for a long time. According to Dr. Brausa, this treatment is effective against fleas and ticks for a period of eight months. 

For the collar to work to its full potential, the person applying it must ensure that it is in direct contact with the animal's skin.

When compared to oral meds, topical therapies are significantly simpler for owners to administer to their cats, as Dr. Brausa explains. Oral medications might be difficult to swallow. 

According to Dr. Brausa, Brovecto is an effective preventative medication as well. The therapy is a topical medication that is given once every three months and is effective against fleas as well as ticks.

Another fantastic topical that is suitable for cats of virtually any age and size is Revolution. 

Revolution is the one we tend to use on teeny tiny animals, so that would be the one I would most commonly recommend in kittens.

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