Virgo Birth flowers


Despite being a striking red color, poppies have traditionally been associated with tranquility and repose.

 As the flower of both their birth month and their zodiac, August is the month of the Virgo, who has a special relationship to this flower. 


Another flower with strong ties to Virgo is the aster, and individuals born in September can claim it as both their monthly and astrological natal flower. 

Goddess Astrea in mythology cried for mankind and her fellow Gods because she was so disappointed in them. Her tears turned to asters as they struck the ground.


While it would be incorrect to generalize that all Virgos are type-A personalities, there aren't many disorganized, disorganized Virgos around. 

 This is most likely the reason why they are drawn to the simple shapes and delicate petals of buttercups. 


It would have been simple for the narcissus flower to develop a poor reputation because of the Greek myth of Narcissus and his infatuation with himself. 

Fortunately, these elegant and lovely flowers are really thought to represent rebirth and growth—characteristics that Narcissus could have benefited from and that Virgos take great pride in.

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