Virgo Cats have standards

Keeping up with the Virgo cat's high standards for cleanliness does take some work on the part of the owner.

They may even become irritated by an untidy environment or seeing their toys strewn over the floor, requiring much more frequent cleanup of the litter box.

They anticipate that you will treat their area with the same respect that you do for your own. The degree to which a cat can keep itself clean varies greatly from cat to cat.

However, Virgo cats are among those who enjoy grooming the most. They will engage in combat several times throughout the day and night.

This, along with the fastidious nature of Virgo, results in the typically flawless and regal fur of Virgo cats.

If they're not happy with their grooming habits, they might even help groom other animals, which could be useful if you have an adventurous dog or a reckless kitten!

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