Virgo's Weekly Astrological Forecast

Welcome to your weekly horoscope Virgo! Every week we will post your weekly horoscope right here on Tuesday mornings. 

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This week’s astrological events ignite our willpower and determination to achieve our goals. We are called to build a solid foundation for our dreams and manifest our desires through focused effort 

Are you satisfied with your career path, Virgo? If your current work project doesn’t align with your true purpose in life, you may feel demotivated to continue pursuing it this week. 

Mercury and Mars will inspire us to express ourselves with confidence and take decisive action. 

Trust your intuition now more than ever! Your inner compass is ready to point you in the right direction. 

The astrological occurrences of this week inspire us to be more disciplined and resolute in our pursuit of our objectives. 

In the meanwhile, Mercury and Mars will encourage us to express ourselves with self-assurance and to take actions that are purposeful.

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