What are the birth flowers of Aquarius?

The way the cosmos functions is amusing. The stern Capricorn sign on the zodiac wheel gives way to the imaginative Aquarius sign in January.

They are diametrically opposed in many aspects. People born in the Capricorn sign (January 20–February 18) are free-spirited individuals who don't want to be constrained by what is "normal" or conventional.

People frequently mistake the deeply compassionate and sympathetic Aquarius for a water sign. 

An honest error given that they are an air sign but have the water-bearer as their symbol.

Aquarians, on the other hand, have their heads in the cosmos, whereas Libra and Gemini are frequently regarded as flighty or having their heads in the clouds.

They frequently look for enlightenment and ways to live in better harmony with their surroundings.

While they would adore a present of fresh flowers, such as roses or lilies, aren't really their style. Choose something that stands out and is as distinctive as they are.

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