What Are Virgo’s Spirit Animals?

You are one of the most pragmatic signs if you are a Virgo sun, moon, or rising. Although an earth sign would assume this, Virgos are the most cerebral of the group.

Additionally, the spirit animal you will travel with in this lifetime is committed to assisting you in fulfilling your soul's purpose.

But first, let's clarify what a spirit animal is before delving into which animals are most likely to serve as a Virgo's guide.

A spirit animal is a sentient being who is here as a guide, inspiration, and source of soul medicine for you as you navigate the difficulties of life.

Virgos have a strong connection to their spirit animals in some way. 

This is so that you can understand why your spirit animal is a Virgo, who embodies the energy of service. It is here for your benefit.

Meerkats, bees, and doves are Virgo's spirit animals. We'll examine these animal spirit guides for Virgo in more detail in the parts that follow,

including their attributes and characteristics as well as how they might provide advice to the sign of the Maiden-Virgo.

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