Which zodiac sign kisses worst?

Taking it way back, ancient Romans distinguished the kiss into one of three categories; the osculum, a chaste closed mouth peck on the cheek or hand 

the basium, lip on lip snas tongue slip and the salacious savium, a full throttle, open mouth, dance of tongue, spit and desire 

Savium comes from the Latin for soft and sweet and represented the pinnacle of intimacy, the kind of kiss sex workers won’t give and the sort that reveals 

In the Rome of yore, a woman was legally obliged to kiss her husband, on the mouth, on the daily 

The same qualifiers that make for a challenging rescue dog; foul breath, an overzealous tongue, excessive biting and general impetuousness. 

Sheril Kirshenbaum author of “The Science of Kissing,” explains that there is a biological imperative to savium style kissing and the ardent exchange of saliva 

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