Why Are Dogs Friendly?

We all know the answer to the question "why do dogs like to be petted?" deep down inside. 

 It's such a nice feeling! But now we have scientific evidence to back it up. 

According to research, a spike of oxytocin, often known as the "feeling good" hormone, occurs in both people and dogs 

 there is a pleasant interaction between the two species, such as when they are petted or cuddled.

However, there is one more strong reason why dogs enjoy being petted. "Dogs are social animals, and the behavior that we call allogrooming

Consider the grooming behavior among monkeys that occurs at the zoo and how it benefits both parties.

That varies. Dogs are individuals, and just like people, they have unique preferences when it comes to the spots on their bodies where they like to be petted. 

My current dog enjoys having her chin and neck massaged and rubbed more than other parts of her body.I

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