World's smartest dog breeds

Dalmatians are the only breed of dog on our list that have spots, and they have a long history of working with horses.

They are also frequently connected with firefighters. 

These brave dogs would gallop ahead of fire engines and horses, clearing a path for firefighters as they made their way to the scene of an emergency.

This is the reason why these dogs are used as mascots for firehouses.The Norwich terrier, which is known for its tenacity despite its size, was initially bred to kill rats.

However, due to their high level of activity and intellect, they were given more difficult responsibilities, such as coaxing foxes out of their dens during hunts. 

 Even in this day and age, Norwich terriers are happiest when they are given a job to accomplish, such as participating in a flyball or earthdog tournament that allows them to put their high levels of energy to good use.

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