your favorite dog breed's original purpose

a "cautionary tale for dog breeders," due to its instant popularity followed by near extinction, the field spaniel has a rich history. 

Named after the Ancient Aztec dog-headed god Xolotl, this hairless breed was said to guide its owners into the afterlife 

bred to work the farm chasing rodents and herding cattle, the stunning, shiny blue coat of a Kerry blue terrier makes it a winner, with 43 out of 95 winners by 2003 

Dating back to 7,000 years B.C., Egyptian, Asian, and Middle Eastern kings kept the sleek, tall Saluki at their sides.  

From the region of Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan, the Afghan hound's age, which predates written history, is not only noted by authorities to be the oldest purebred dog, 

The fox terrier had a very specific duty in the 1700s, and that was "go to ground," which means getting game out of their dens for huntsmen.  

The mixed breed of Saint Bernard and Newfoundland, Leonbergers originate from a region in Germany of the same name and were initially bred for kings. 

This breed was considered so sacred by the ancient Chinese ruling class that, if a Pekingese was stolen, death was the punishment 

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