Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Way To Strength-Train


A hot boxing session that includes difficult punch combos and push-up drills reveals a lot about you as a person, Aries.


"Good, old-fashioned weightlifting with a trainer would be great for a Taurus,"


Variety is key for Gemini when it comes to weightlifting. They are a mutable air sign, which means they have a juggler's temperament and are happiest when playing a little back and forth,


Cancer, you are primarily motivated by your emotional needs, therefore it makes sense to look for strength training routines that focus on providing you with individualized attention, like a private Pilates session.


The best way to gain muscle would be to engage in a challenging activity like indoor rock climbing, where you could scale a wall and wow your other gymgoers with how high you could go.


Because of your contemplative nature and holistic outlook, Virgo, strength training with Pilates or yoga makes the most sense.


Being social is one of your life's priorities as a Libra. Since you are a cardinal air sign, Hardy explains, you also thrive in welcoming, congenial environments.

Enroll in barre lessons to build your muscles in a beautiful environment, or practice the plié at home with a program like Pure Barre.


You should be involved in mixed martial arts, boxing, or kickboxing, Scorpio. You are a fixed water sign, which suggests that you like secretive, tense energy


"Sagittarius is mutable fire." Things that need strength but yet feel out of the ordinary are fantastic. Because of this, you'll have a blast in a pole dancing class where you'll work out your entire body and try something new.


Capricorn, you should make your strength training routine as simple as possible. They desire the classics and, if at all possible, proficiency in the subject matter,


You'll enjoy any strength training plan you can do online, perhaps with an interactive component you can play around with, because of this.


"Pisces is the last of the zodiac and a mutable water sign, meaning they are all flow." She says? Strength training appeals to you as a method to channel all that energy, but you'll perform best in a class that is more mild.

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