Zodiac Sign Aura Colors

This color signifies passion, sexuality, aggression, competitiveness, and a strong will — all of which are major characteristics of an Aries 

This color indicates the power of a healer, someone who brings out the best in people. It also signifies determination and having a down-to-earth attitude. 

Bright and sprightly Gemini would definitely reveal itself through yellow, the happiest color of all. This indicates optimism, positivity, playfulness, and being in touch with one's inner child. 

his color signifies romantic feelings, love, affection, compassion, empathy, and a softness toward everyone they meet. Pink is gentle and comforting, just like you. 

Leo rules the world with a lion's energy, which is why it makes total sense that they'd have the most confident aura color of all.  

Highly intellectual and communicative Virgo would definitely reveal itself in a vivid royal blue. This aura indicates seriousness, a logical and rational approach to life 

Harmonious and beautiful Libra would obviously be a gorgeous combination of blue and green. 

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