Zodiac Signs Break Wedding Traditions

Weddings are fun, but they become repetitive. That may be why more couples are taking risks on their wedding days

Each zodiac sign has a tradition they're most likely to break, regardless of the cause.

Many wedding traditions should be broken, from extended rituals to spending the night before apart. Your zodiac sign may influence which custom you avoid

Aries are filled with so much energy, which means the fire sign can get pretty restless. Aries don’t like to be kept waiting, either, and for that reason 

Picking the wedding meal options can be a whole ordeal, but as a sign that values comfort and stability, Taureans are likely to keep things chill with a spread of their favorite comfort foods. 

Because Geminis are the communicator of the zodiac, don’t be surprised if the air sign wings their vows last minute and professes their love for their partner completely off the dome.  

Nurturing Cancers are sentimental to their core, and they’re gonna want to commemorate their big day by reciting a poem or even performing a song for their other half. 

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