Zodiac Signs Rated Funniest

Gemini is probably the funniest sign you will ever find. Ruled by the planet of communication, these air signs are natural entertainers 

The hallmark personality trait of this fire sign is its optimistic approach to life. With Jupiter as their planetary ruler, 

Sagittarians have the unique and rare ability to add a comedic effect to all their experiences, which is why they are so popular in all social circles. 

In addition, their famous lack of filter leads them into embarrassing and hilarious situations that turn into epic anecdotes that make everyone laugh.  

Leo natives are natural performers who know how to tell a good joke at the right time and place. Ruled by the creative Sun 

One user said that they stopped imagining a future with their other half. They said: “When I thought about our future together and realized the idea of marrying him and starting a family filled me with dread. 

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