Zodiacs Who Want Their Ex Back

Aries might seem cold and detached at first and may even go on to date other people just to make it seem like they’re over their ex 

Geminis are indecisive and they don’t always trust themselves when it comes to making decisions; however, they still have hope that they can reunite with their ex 

Virgos hide their feelings very well from others and they hate to let someone know they miss them or they need them back  

Aquarius might seem aloof and distant and enjoying their solo time and free-spirited life, however, they secretly want to call their ex 

Pisces don’t fall in love easily, but when they do, it takes them ages to move on, so they’re always trying to forget their ex by dating other people 

They would love for their ex to break the ice—then they will spill their heart out and tell them everything they’ve been suppressing 

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